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Hello, I’m Shaley

A UX Writer and content designer

I Execute High-Quality Experiences Across Multiple Channels

Having successfully partnered on many cross-functional team projects, I know how important it is to be able to build consensus, then lead changes to the finish line. Often, that means working independently in an ambiguous fast-paced environment, where thoughtful collaborations and interpersonal communications are key to keeping things moving forward.


In my UX writing projects, I’m always focused on…

Inclusive Collaboration

Working with product designers, product managers, researchers, engineers, customers, and leadership to build consensus about what really matters


Content Strategy

Auditing content for current state, strengths, weaknesses, gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities


User Experience

Advocating for a user flow and user-interface elements that are meaningful and relevant to reduce friction and increase adoption


Using data, user research, and performance metrics to make iterative, continuous improvements

Helping and Guiding Users

Using contextual microcopy (headings, labels, field names, hints/help content, error messages, etc.) to naturally move users through content and processes


Defining frameworks for product and feature names, writing styles, voice, tone, typography, and governance workflows, then training others to use them


"I sincerely appreciate working with Shaley, and one of the best things to come out of my project was that I formed a good working relationship with her. Having someone available to focus on UX dramatically increased the overall quality of our end product. It allowed the technical staff to focus on what they do best and not shift gears to come up with a UX that fit into the technology. Instead we were able to focus on fitting the technology into the UX which ultimately benefited our users.”

Philip Halcomb, Senior Solutions Engineer, VMWare

"I worked with Shaley for almost five years on various issues pertaining to remote work technologies and communications. She's guest presented remotely to a large audience, authored materials, and provided critical information to central Human Resources in advancing our flexible work initiatives. Despite the many miles between us, she is such a strong communicator that it feels as if she's in the office next to me. She thinks critically about language and tone, she understands business imperative, and she's constantly striving to learn more and help others develop. When I think of the individuals I want around me when facing a challenge or a needed change, Shaley is the type of person that I want.”

Michelle L. Artibee, MBA, Associate Director, Work/Life at Cornell University

"I have worked with Shaley for more than two years on dynamic enterprise communications and complex user experience issues. She consistently understands the core issues, translates technical information seamlessly and delivers products that not only exceed our high expectations, but also get exceptional results. I can’t imagine tackling these challenging issues without her!”

Rob Bandler, Manager of Security Engineering, Cornell University

"I worked with Shaley closely during my tenure at Cornell. We initially started working together while she was on campus but she continued to support us after moving to Hawaii. Both while she was on campus and while working remotely, Shaley took all the steps necessary to deeply understand our goals, helped clearly identify detailed requirements, and aided immeasurably in the delivery of many IT projects. I found her highly articulate, precise, collaborative, and in constant pursuit toward very high standards. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Shaley again.”

Steve Schuster, Director, Security Engineering and Operations at Amazon Web Services

"I’ve had the privilege of making use of Shaley 's skills for nearly a decade and I hope to continue to do so indefinitely. Her skills at bridging the gap between technology and people who use it are unparalleled, and her solutions are novel, effective, and efficient. The vibrancy and liveliness of her work puts to rest the false belief that information technology is destined to be humdrum, dull, or obstructive. If you’re looking for guidance when navigating an understanding of IT, congratulations! You’ve found your solution.”

Matt Klein, Collaboration Tools Communicator, Cornell University

"I’ve had the good fortune to work with Shaley on a long-term project at Cornell University and am here to say that she has made this experience an excellent one. A project such as the one we worked on bring many kinds of people with different strengths together and it can be a challenge to bridge those strengths. Shaley’s understanding of how people think has proven again and again to be just that bridge. She is uniquely gifted in being able to straddle the world of highly technical experts and that of non-specialists so the two can communicate effectively and develop meaningful, productive results.”

Carla DeMello, Graphic Designer, Cornell University Library

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